Freshmen Paper Thesis Statement and Questions

What is the main point of your essay?

The main point of my essay is to persuade and inform expecting parents, parents, and students about the benefits of vaccinating your child.

What is your essay’s purpose?

The purpose of my essay is to try to get rid of the idea that vaccines cause autism. I grew up being the oldest of three children, my younger brother has non verbal autism. My family and I are pro vaccinations, but we do get questioned if we think that vaccines caused his autism.

Who is your essay’s audience?

My essay’s audience are expecting parents that are questioning and trying to figure out how to take care of their child, once the child is born. I am also speaking out parents that have gone through vaccines but are now starting to question them, and don’t bother to ask their doctor about vaccines. My audience is also students that are learning about vaccines in their science classes in either high school or college.


Vaccinations protect young children from not only themselves, but to others around the child. There should be no reason to consider autism worse than death.

Does the language I used match my essay’s purpose?

Yes it does.

Is my audience clear?


Is my proposed solution something my audience can do?



2 thoughts on “Freshmen Paper Thesis Statement and Questions

  1. Good job with the thesis. However, I don’t think we were supposed to answer the questions: Does the language I used match my essay’s purpose? Is my audience clear? Is my proposed solution something my audience can do? I think those were examples of questions we could ask our partners about the thesis. If you answered yes to all of those questions, I think you were supposed to write a different concern/question for us to answer. The questions were not for you to answer but for you to ask us and for us to answer, I believe. It says on the blog the feedback I am supposed to give you is to answer the questions/concerns you had about the thesis. Since you don’t have any listed there I will just say good job on the thesis. One suggestion would be changing “but to others around the child” to “but from other individuals around that child as well.”

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  2. I gotta agree with Alana on this one you kind of did this wrong but your thesis is clearly obvious. But when it comes to your audience take out students. They aren’t relative to your bigger picture especially since your discuss child care parents/parents to be are good enough and give you a nice window. Including students make you have to go through extra and unnecessary lengths.


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