Research Journal #2 Jenny McCarthy

In my last post, I mentioned how celebrities in the media are the best to express their opinions and to help the audience form their own. Jimmy Kimmel did that by expressing is thoughts on vaccines, anti-vaccinations, and a child’s right to choose. Kimmel briefly mentioned a very well known celebrity in his introduction to the vaccines PSA, Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny McCarthy started her career as a nude model for Playboy magazine, then later moved on to become a television host, comedian, an author, and my personal favorite of her career, an anti-vaccines activist. Her son Evan was diagnosed with autism at the age of five years old and blames vaccines for causing it. She believes that she cured her son’s autism, and has written three books about it.

Jenny McCarthy talking about Evan’s autism

Now my mother and I really don’t like this women because all of her research and information she’s spitting out, does not make any sense. Evan was diagnosed with autism at the age of five. Boys with autism are usually diagnosed before the age of three. Evan developed a seizure before he was diagnosed and then showed autistic like traits. What her actually developed was Landau Kleffner Syndrome.

There have been rumors going around that her son has been mis-diagnosed but she doesn’t believe it. She shut down the rumors saying that Evan does, but in reality he doesn’t. He may have similar traits of autism, but he doesn’t have it and vaccines did not cause his syndrome.

Can we talk about her books for a second? Her sources are from Mr. Wakefield, who use to be a British doctor that conducted the study that vaccines cause autism. He got his doctorate taken away after others realized that all of his data wasn’t originally his. Wakefield used others information to make it look like that vaccines do cause autism. After the case was settled, he got his license removed after publishing false information. McCarthy used this information by after studying it at Google University where she got her degree. Larry Wilmore on Vaccines.



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