Research Journal #1 Jimmy Kimmel

I believe the best way to get your point across to help people understand certain situations and topics is through satire explained by comedians with talk shows. In 2015 Jimmy Kimmel, spoke on his show about why parents to vaccinate their children and then showed a PSA that he and his crew produced of doctors getting frustrated about this. Doctors have every right to be frustrated about this because they have spent years going to school and learning about how vaccines work, while Jenny McCarthy did a google search.

Jimmy Kimmel PSA video here

A week after the the segment of the show aired, Kimmel recieved a lot of hate from viewers that do believe that vaccines cause autism. A lot of people believed that Kimmel’s segment was scripted and that he was paid to say everything, and that he was being rude toward the autism community. When in reality, Kimmel is a loving father of an eight month old daughter, and belongs to a family where there are autism decent.

The PSA also received messages from people that believe that children should have the choice to be vaccinated… I don’t enjoy being disrespectful and calling people idiotic or stupid after hearing their strong opinions, but the thought of having your child choose to be vaccinated is the most dumbest thing I have ever heard. Obviously the child will choose not to get vaccinated, because all they know about a vaccine is the fact that it hurts and a child obviously doesn’t know what a flu shot or the MMR shot can actually do to protect themselves. Jimmy Kimmel portrays this on the same episode that aired a week after his PSA.


Jimmy Kimmel Anti-Vaccines Update


Like the one lady in the video stated “Would you give them the right to drive a car and not drive a car?” pretty much explains the dangers of keeping your child safe. Not getting vaccinated will cause the child to develop measles, mumps, rubella, the flu, polio, and many other diseases. The child also will not be able to be enrolled into elementary school and cause other unvaccinated children to become sick, along with pregnant women, cancer patients, and newborn babies.


I will be using Jimmy Kimmel’s PSA and Anti-Vaccines update videos for my paper because they provide valid information that can be very helpful to the public. Especially since he is a talk show host, he is able to speak out to people about this very sheltered topic.



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