Lexi, Julia, and Joseline’s Hw:”Why I’m a Feminist” Response

Before we get started I just want to say that I, Nora Albinus is also a feminist. *gasp*. Yup thats right everyone, I am also a feminist. So after watching the video that Lexi, Julia, and Joseline assigned us to watch I started to notice what about feminism that I do and do not agree. I have conducted a list of things that I agree and disagree with on Laci Greens beliefs and points on feminism. Lets get started shall we.


Yes I am one

Is it kickass and super important?

Uh yeah it is

Do I think that women will lose part of themselves after having sex?

No I do not. I think after a women has sex she learns more about herself and about her body.

Do I think that sex-ed in schools should be taught differently?

Yes, I do because it is very sexist towards female students and it makes them feel scared.

Do I think society blames women when they get sexually assualted?

Its quite obvious that society does that

Is cat calling a compliment?

No it is not. If you’re a guy and you cat call, you’re automatically an asshole in my book.

Is asking for consent, rape, and sexual assault funny?


Do I think shaving is mandatory for a women?

It shouldn’t be mandatory for anyone at all. If you want to shave your armpits or grow them out, then go ahead and do it. I don’t shave my legs in the winter, because there is no point in doing that. Its the winter, you need an extra coat to keep your legs warm.

Do I think that men run political dicissions when it comes to my body?

Yes I do. After the election in 2016, I’ve come to realized how many men in our government control my reproductive rights as a women. Its freaking ridculous.

Do I believe that women are treated different in the work place?

Yes I do. Working in the media or a corprit office job, women ar harrasssed and told that they are being too bossy by men that are less qualified.

Do I believe in the pay gap?

I am actually on both sides of this topic. Most women take on jobs as being nurses, receptionist, pharmacist, etc. There are certain jobs that mainly spark a womens interist that are much higher up than the jobs that I just listed. The ones that I listed prove the pay gap, while some other jobs that women have that are completely different from those aren’t. Or I could be wrong.

Do I think that being called a pussy, bitch, or any other bad word that describes a word should be an insult to males?

I believe that it is insulting to both males and females.


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