Vaccines Vlog: Autism, Protecting our children, Pre-Med


2 thoughts on “Vaccines Vlog: Autism, Protecting our children, Pre-Med

  1. Area: Vaccines
    Topic: Vaccines in children
    Problem: Impact of vaccines on young boys (since you mentioned your brother I figured since you’ve seen it first hand you would be more interested in boys)
    Inquiry: If vaccines does not cause autism, it is possible if it can progress autism?

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  2. I would like to choose Autism to comment about. I want to pick this topic out of the three possible topics you discussed because I feel that you are the most passionate about this one and I think with an essay like this it will benefit you to choose the topic that you are the most passionate about. I could tell by your facial expressions and the fact that you brought autism up first and again later on in the video, that this is the topic you have feeling for. So, some suggestions for a topic within that area, I would say you could research how many people in the US choose not to vaccinate their children because they were mislead and told that the vaccinations cause autism. I think that in your paper you could talk about the number of cases like this that there are in the US and I think it would also be interesting to talk about how common it is that the people who don’t get vaccinated actually get sick because they did not want the vaccine. Also, You could talk about the difference it would make to educate people on vaccines and the truth about autism and how this would prevent people from avoiding vaccines and how many people it could save from getting life threatening diseases. One problem in this topic is that it may be difficult for you to actually find the amount of people who do not get vaccinated specifically for the reason of thinking it causes autism. I don’t think it would be too hard to figure out how many people opt out of the vaccine but to tell why they opt out could be tricky. If you cannot find that out it may be hard to prove that this is a real problem and that a large amount of people are not getting vaccinated because of fear of autism. For example, if you write the paper and go on about how so many people think that vaccines cause autism and thats why people don’t get vaccines, and as a result they are doing more harm to themselves and others, without the information to back that up, the whole paper is not reliable. I hope this helps and I really like where you are going and that you are passionate!!

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