Journalist Questions: Vaccines

Before I get started, i would like to express my thoughts on this topic:

Vaccinations are one of the top most debatable topics, under abortion. A lot of people believe that vaccinations cause many illnesses and cause autism, which is why some parents aren’t vaccinating their children. Vaccinations are weak pathogens of the disease, that helps kill off the strong pathogens that are in our system or to just help us prevent these illnesses. Not only are you protecting yourself from these diseases, but you are also protecting other around you. Cancer patients immune systems are very weak and if they are around a child a that isn’t vaccinated and has the measles, the cancer patient will instantly catch the disease and their immune system will become so weak that they will die.

For homework we were assigned to read Krause’s article on different forms of academic research writing, and we were suppose to pick one of the skills and write about our topic using these writing skills. I will be answering the journalist questions on my topic of vaccinations.


What is my idea?

My idea for this is to educate parents on why it is very important to vaccinate their children.


What are the key terms of my idea?

Why vaccinations not only protecting your child, but is also vaccinating everyone else, and to not believe in misconceptions and myths on vaccinations.


Who are the people involved in my idea?

Personally my family is involved in this idea, because I have an autistic brother and we do not believe that vaccines caused his autism. The entire autism community is also involved in my idea as well.


Who is performing the of my topic?

Pretty much everyone that has been vaccinated and people that have not.


Who are the people that are affected by my idea?

My parents, my brother, doctors, cancer patients, children


Where does my idea take place?

My idea takes place in the eastern part of the world, because that region practices using medicine that has chemicals and have the right knowledge and research to produce different forms of medication and vaccines to help protect people.


Where did it come from?

Eastern region of the world.


Is it restricted to a particular time and place?

Not really sure but I’ll look more into it.


When did my idea happen?

I have written countless research papers about this topic because it is very personal to my family and I and to an entire community. The whole debate about it pretty much started in the late 90s, because around that time we saw that autism was increasing in our country and a doctor conducted a fake study on what could be the cause of it and he took information from what vaccines do cause and said that it causes autism. Years later he got his doctorate taken away because actual doctors did actual research and found that they don’t cause autism.


How does it relate to the other events that might have taken place at a similar time?

Well a lot of children were born with autism around this time and it is still increasing to the day. Some parents are afraid to raise a child that isn’t “normal” and do not think they can handle it, which is why parents aren’t vaccinating their children.


Are there events that happened?

In 2015, there was an outbreak of the measles in Disneyland California because there were children that weren’t vaccinated. The park was closed down for a week.


How did my idea happen, or how is it still happening?

My idea happened because it has been affecting my family and the community for years. People that don’t do their own research just type in google and click on the first thing they see and automatically believe it. Parents and new parents need to educate themselves about vaccinations, because autism isn’t as worse as your child dying from measles.


Why did my idea happen, or why is it still happening?

Read above.


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