Rhetorical Analysis on Trumps Executive Order 

In class on Friday, Dwayne and I discussed the in’s and out’s of a rhetorical analysis, by reading Homogeneous Configurations, an academic research writing source that was a perfect example to learn the whole process of rhetorical analysis. Prior to this, Dwayne and I had to exchange each other articles to help this skill, but with a little help from Steven D. Krause’s research writing paper that is basically an overall review on rhetorical analysis. Dwayne emailed me a very recent article about President Donald Trump’s latest Executive Order on banning Muslims from the United States.
 So who wrote the article? 

The ABC news article was written by Justin Fishel, Jordyn Phelps, Alexander Mallin, and Geneva Sands. All four of them covered the topic, because it was very big and eye opening for the public to media and the public to hear, to the point where the team had to do as much research as they could to get this story out. 
What was their motivation behind the article? 

The motivation behind this was to share what President Trump is doing to protect our borders from countries that are possibly a “major threat” to our country. “The seven-paged document calls for an immediate suspension of immigration from countries with ties to terror, including Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya, for a time period of 90 days. It also calls for complete suspension of Syrian Refugees for an indefinite period.”
 Where was it published? The article was published on ABC News website, link is right Here. ABC News is a reliable news source when it comes to political articles and they fact check their sources before they publish them. 
When was the article written? 

The article was published January 27th, 2017 at 8:12pm. After the news got out about the executive order, there was a protest at John F. Kennedy airport the following day, so far 109 people have been detained at international airports, and 173 have been denied entry since the order has been finalized. Link is right here. But now Trump is now going to court after file out this order for very obvious reasons, hopefully after the court date there will be a positive outcome. 
This was a very popular source of writing due to it being on a very wide viewed platform. The action and information on it will be considered scholarly throughout time, because children in schools will learn about this in history class and will realize how messed up this order is. 
Okay, but who remembers when Saturday Night Live did a sketchy about when President Obama made an executive order and made a parody of “I’m just a Bill” from Schoolhouse Rock? No one else? Just me? Well to brighten the mood, here is the sketch and I hope it will brighten up your day as much as it did for me. 



2 thoughts on “Rhetorical Analysis on Trumps Executive Order 

  1. I can’t really find information about the authors true motivation for writing this article, but I do know that they wrote this to get the word out to help explain the whole in’s and out’s of the executive order. If I was in a team working on a story as big as this, I would spit out my heart and soul to make sure that I have the right information to send to the public, so that way they are educated on the order and what changes are going on in our country.


  2. Nora, motivations are hard to decipher without author credentials. As I said in my comment, you’re missing author qualifications. For Fishel, he is an ABC News Digital Journalist covering global affairs. Phelps is an ABC News digital reporter covering the White House. Mallin is Covering the White House for ABC NEWS as well. Sands is covering Justice & Homeland Security. I got all of this from googling their name and ABC News, and viewing their Twitter profiles.You can see the connections in the material they report, and get an idea of what they are discussing. Inform your opinions with facts to help strengthen their validity.

    Also, love the blog’s new look.


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