Location-Based Applications: Yelp! 

You just moved into a new town. Different street, different people, different places, and yes different places to eat. But how will we know what is best place in town to get a cup of coffee, or some cheap but good sushi, and a delicious froyo place? Fear not new kid on the block! With a few taps on your handy dandy smart phone you can find your new favorite place to eat, from the nifty application known as Yelp!    Yelp! is basically with reviews and offers. It can access your location from anywhere you are, as long as you’re connected to wifi or data, and it can help you find the closest Starbucks near you. It’s a convenient app if you want to try something new or if your are new to the area. I personally use it when I am in a more urban location such as New York City, and when I was in Edinburgh Scotland over the summer. I was in Edinburgh for two weeks and every night my friends and wanted to go somewhere different and served to teenagers under the age of 18 after 8 o’clock. What is also a helpful option is that Yelp! offers filter options, such as pricing, location, service, drinks to offer, and different types of food they have

    Another great thing about the app, is that anyone can write reviews. Helps the consumer find better options for a quick meal or for a allagnat dinner. It not only offers the use of our first amendment, but it allows the consumer to be as creative as they can be when it comes to food. There are a lot of picky eaters out there that know how to make things difficult for some restaurants with a single bad review, especially if being a food critic is their career. 

    Anyone can have access to this application if they have a smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android. Including the restaurant employees can interact publicly and privately with customers if they need any more information about the restaurant itself. Wanting to get to know the atmosphere of it all, if they have gluten free and vegan options, acquiring to allergic reactions, etc. Some customers may feel uncomfortable from mixed reviews when it comes to restaurants, so contacting the place will make them feel more comfortable. 

    Over all Yelp! is a very reliable location based app for anyone that lives in a major city or that is new in town and wants to find a new go to spot. It flows very well with Souza e Silva’s Mobile Narrative article, because it has all of the aspects to that she describes in her article on how location services can help us in different ways to communicate with others.


2 thoughts on “Location-Based Applications: Yelp! 

  1. You really went off with this post. But here’s what I think you should do; narrow down the audience too tourists. They are definitely” new to town” and require a lot of help. People these days don’t like asking questions and want a much more correct information on a location. Word of mouth isn’t cutting it anymore so let them know why.


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