Mville Social Media Analysis

Manhattanville Facebook

Manhattanville Instagram

Professional aesthetic

More family friendly 

Updated every other day instead of as often as it should

Has other pages related to certain clubs and sports

Posts more about alumni than the community itself

Pictures show more of the school’s personality 

Shows the school’s history and its progress in its community

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Most reviews are very positive, but with a few negative comments

Lack of school spirit

Like range under 50 likes on posts

0-2 comments on posts

7,366 have liked the page

36,264 have visited the college

105 reviews

Same cover photo just different logos

Profile pictures relate to the school’s logo, castle, and mascot
Shows students attending the events

In touch with viral tends to appeal to its younger audience

Pictures of performances

Gravitating more towards the students attending the school/prospective students, rather than the parents

Throwback pictures of the school’s history

Exposes the school spirit a lot more than the facebook page

Posts very often as it can

Students showing pride in the school

Hashtags are related to the school and the schools events 

Likes range from 260-150, sometimes under 100

0-5 comments on posts

824 posts


Following 201 

Bio: “Manhattanville College: Founded in 1841, Manhattanville College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college offering undergraduate and graduate degrees.”

Manhattanville college portrays itself as to the fullest on its social media sites to encourage their students to attend the events, and prospective students that are looking for information that they need for their ideal school. In our day in age, we all connect through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; instead of the college sending us a thousand information letters about events and open houses, they now connect through Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, the Manhattanville College portrays itself in a more professional and adult manor. Whoever is running the account updates it every other day or every couple of days instead of as often as it should. The reviews on the page are stating that the college doesn’t show its school spirit. While on the college’s instagram page, the audience will see images of students embracing their school spirit. Each social media site has somewhat the same range of follower: Facebook has 7,366 likes, while Instagram has 2,216 followers. But the Instagram pages gets more feedback and likes than the Facebook page does due to the lack of appeal that the Facebook page has to offer towards the students and its community. The both present “throwback” pictures of the college when it use to be an all girls catholic college, to show how much progress the school has made during its time. Overall the school does its best to appeal to their students and its prospective students, to go to this wonderful school. 


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