Essay Summary 

In my essay I will be discussing about the ideology of insecurities when it comes to gender roles in our society and how they are being portrayed in media. We all know that Disney owns ABC, Marvel, ESPN, and many other entertainment media sources that we all know and love, but each of these companies have a theme; traditional gender roles. ABC and Disney channel produce shows that portray the traditional nuclear family where the father is the head of the household, with a stay at home mom, three and half kids, and a dog. While the majority of all of Marvel’s superheroes are male while the women are shown doing the background work, but that was more back then. Marvel is now portraying their female superheros as feminist icons that show that they are more intimidating than men are. I don’t follow sports but I do know that ESPN covers men’s sports than women sports. I will be finding my sources from ads produced by the companies. As well as Jennifer Weiner’s “The F Word” and Colby Itkowitz “Unwell and Ashamed” because they give out perfect evidence on how the media shapes the insecurities through gender roles. This election is an excellent example for this topic because we are finally seeing a women breaking the glass ceiling while a man is trying to break her down. We need to stop making women feel insecure about society’s standards and how they should behave and act a certain way in order to accomplish anything. When that is not the case.



3 thoughts on “Essay Summary 

  1. I agree with you Nora, men are always shown off better than women ever were. They tend to love the saying “This is a man’s world” so what are we doing here? Just living in it? To play devil’ advocate … yes the media portrays sports as a man’s thing but isn’t that how it started? Men were always superior to women, women only had the job of taking care of the husband and children, and America just wants to keep that tradition. I don’t completely agree with that, I could never follow a man for the rest of my life, females have a right to their own say.


  2. I love that you got your ideas together and have made such a good argument and piece, I’m sure your paper is going to be very interesting to read. A counter argument could be these ads are not trying to be rude but are simply telling the truth and they’re are doing this in order for people to change the bad part about their body or how they look overall. Of course we know this isn’t the right way and in fact nobody should feel bad for what others say about them. I feel like this is going to be strong paper and I love the ideas you put together being that I think that feminism is so important and should be portrayed more in the media instead of being demonized. good job girly!


  3. Hi Nora. This came together fabulously. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the final project. In your summary, you focus on female representation. It may benefit you to change your audience to teenage females since most of your arguments are centered on women.


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