Challenging Insecurities


2 thoughts on “Challenging Insecurities 

  1. I like that you made it personal, when you make something like this personal I can tell it really hits home with you when subjects like this are bought up. Not a lot of people can accept their insecurities like you have accepted yours and turn it into something positive. The fact that you want to put it out there that we are all beautiful and our differences from one another makes us unique is such an eye-opener. Possible texts you can use from class are “Unwell and Ashamed” by Colby Iktowitz because some people are insecure about their disabilities , “Truly Appalling” by Danielle Weiner-Bronner because there’s people that face the insecure everyday because they’re are gay.


    1. You are so right in the fact that every human being has an insecurity of their own. I remember when I was younger I used to wear these metal glasses that people would joke about and it made me feel very insecure! I feel like this essay is going to be appealing to teenagers or anybody who reads it because of that reason. I think that its really great that you accepted your insecurities and hopefully others could do the same. An article that you can use is “The F word” by Jennifer Weiner because although it talks about body shaming it also talks about how her daughter is being bullied and being body shamed is a form of bullying. A counter image that you can use is one of yourself with your glasses talking about how you have overcome your insecurities. Also I remember us talking about how Donald trump could even be where you get your ideology because he is considered to be a bully to some people. You could say that he is showing the youth of America that by being a bully you get ahead when that is simply not true. There are many commercials by Hillary portraying this. I really like the ideology you chose!! good job Nora !


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