Reflection on My Partner

My partner compared me to Frida Kahlo. I didn’t who she was until I googled her and then said to myself, “Oh I know who she is now.” I took it as a compliment because I know what Frida stands for in her life and how she is a very confident person, as coming off as the not so typical girl, which I am not. I hate wearing dresses and skirt, I will wear heals occasionally if they fit my style but I will forever love sneakers. The only “feminine” thing that stands out about myself is my makeup. I always have to make sure that my winged eyeliner is on point and if my contour is blended into my skin perfectly. I hate leggings. I know whoever maybe reading this that is in love with leggings will get offended, but I can’t wear leggings in public. I feel uncomfortable whenever I wear them out in public. Jeans are always my go to because they are warm and they are good for almost any weather and they last a long time. My partner was very spot on with that very specific aspect of myself and I appreciate that on a very personal level.

I usually have no idea how to caption my photos that I am about to post on my Instagram page. I try to keep it as real as possible and try to be funny but I try not to be too to funny, if you get what I mean? My captions can be ironic and predictable at times. I hate using song lyrics or quotes unless it’s from the amazing David Bowie. I also cringe when people use emojis for a selfie or for a landscape and the emoji has nothing to do with the picture whatsoever. So I try my best to do something different. In the other picture that my partner used of me in a nice dress on a beach was from prom, and I posted that photo on my 18th birthday. I was 17 in that photo and my prom pictures were the only good pictures that I had of myself. The day of my birthday I wasn’t “feeling myself” and didn’t feel the need to take a recent photo of myself that day. The caption says it all in all honesty.

The main thing I kept thinking about this project was if my partner would notice my many hair changes, and she did. I use to have brown hair past my chest and then one day I decided to cut it off and get a cute little bob. A few months later I dyed it red. I’ve been cutting and dying my hair since the 8th grade because I am not afraid of change, I like maintaining my look and appearance, and I am aware that hair grows back. A lot of girls are very attached to their hair and how long it is, while I just car if it’s the length I like it to be and what color it is. I’ve dyed it many shades of red, blue (it looked black but I swear it was blue), purple, I bleached it and it turned into an orangy yellow and everyone called me Hayley Williams. Then I shaved my head because of how damaged my hair was and I freaking rocked that look. I was told not to dye it for a while, but after a month I dyed it red because I’m addicted to dying my hair, I know! I’m guilty! After I shave my head I grew out to the length that it is now and I’ve only had three haircuts.

I am very impressed with what my partner has written about myself just by going through my Instagram account. She was very spot on from the jeans to the captions. I try my best to stand out and not be the a stereotypical white girl that has an instagram account and only post selfies. I enjoyed “working” with my partner as we explored each other’s lives through social media, and I can’t wait to get to know her more throughout these four years of college. 


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