Vaccines PSA

    I am not the type of person that gets offended very easily. There are at least four things that do offend me. I get offended when someone makes fun of my sexuality or makes any misconceptions about it, when people stare, question, or laugh at my autistic brother, when people give my family and I advice on how to take care of my brother, and when people bring up the theory that vaccines cause autism. If you haven’t noticed I am very passionate about the autism community.     Across the nation, there has been a “trend” where parents refuse to vaccinate their children. They believe that measles, mumps, and smallpox  aren’t a problem anymore and doesn’t see any reasons why they should spend money to vaccinate their children. Also after they finish reading a sketchy article on Facebook that doesn’t give out a lot of information, they will believe that vaccines cause autism. 

    Jimmy Kimmel did a PSA about this topic on his show in 2015. He pretty much described what I said earlier.
    He starts off by talking about how this stupid “trend” started and how parents need to pay attention to their doctors than what their friend posted on Facebook, because we all know doctors went to school to learn about how the body works and how to prevent disease. But people still don’t believe these actual facts because they did a google search and Jenny McCarthy’s book about how vaccines caused her son’s autism showed up, so they listen to what she had to say instead of a trained professional.

    Kimmel later tells the audience that if they know a lot more than doctors then they shouldn’t be allowed to go to the doctor’s office anymore, since they know show much. Which I completely agree on. 

    He then cuts to the actual PSA of different ACTUAL doctors expressing their thoughts and frustrations over this topic. They are showing true emotion about this topic due to the fact that they went through four years of undergraduate and medical school to become qualified trained professionals. “Hey remember when you had Pollio? No you don’t remember, because your parents got you fucking vaccinated,” says the very frustrated female doctor in the comfy red sweater. 

    The audience for this hilarious PSA are obviously for parents that refuse to vaccinate their children, future parents, and the entire nation in general because it is a very serious issue. In our society we all get our information from social media and sometimes celebrities. Jenny McCarthy is a perfect example for this. Her son is on the spectrum but is on the much higher end of it. She believes that her son’s form of autism was caused by vaccines. Did she do any further research? Yes. Did she get this information from a professional? No, she googled it. If you don’t believe me, watch this video:
    In conclusion, please just please vaccinate your children. They will be safe and won’t put themselves in any danger or the kids around them in any danger. Your children won’t become autistic after receiving these vaccinations because it doesn’t make any logical or scientific sense. There is no evidence to support this matter, the only evidence is that your kid needs to be protected from smallpox and measles.


One thought on “Vaccines PSA

  1. Nora, you have a lot of passion for this topic, and I appreciate it, but you didn’t spend any time breaking down the ethos, pathos, logos portions of the PSA you provided. What is the significance of using doctors in the PSA? How is the audience made to feel as they watch it? What are the logical conclusions the author wants the audience to draw from their PSA? These are the questions you are looking to answer. Before we can make an argument, we must first know how to analyze one. I know it can be difficult when we care a lot about a topic, but prior to our opinion must come a thorough analysis. Listen in, understand, critically examine, and then respond.


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