Does My Generation Really Suck? 

Be honest with me here, does my generation really suck? It does? Ok, well so does your generation and the generation before you. Are you offended? I’m sorry to offend you but it’s true. Why am I stating facts? Because I am an educated and frustrated millennial that is tired of hearing cranky old people complain about my generation, when they have gone through the exact same thing with the generations before them. It’s a fact.
In Adam Conover’s “Millennials Don’t Exist!” proves that this generation has been treat the same exact way as the generations before us, and that’s because we are the younger generation with new technology, style, and lingo. Generation X was known for getting a bad rep because they came off as narcissistic and would not put down their video cameras that they carried around everywhere. And ready that really sounds a lot like what other generations have said about the millennial generation. We come off as narcissistic because we are young and care about ourselves and we glued to our mobile devices, due to the fact that it is the best form of communication that has ever been created.

Millennials also give each other advice because we hate each other and we don’t want to humiliate each other in front of other millennials and the generations before us. It’s a really weird concept that doesn’t make any sense at all. 

We also hate it when the Gen X or Boomers try their best to get our attention by using our lingo and trying to relate. When in all honesty it’s humiliating towards us and to them. We hate being treated like we’re some type of joke, and treated with no respect. Some of us are actual functioning adults that just want to be treated with respect and dignity. We hate it! The only way to get our attention is to treat the way we want to be treated and that is to be an adult. But there will never be an actual way to “relate” to us or get our attention. Another thing That i have noticed about this generation is that every get offended very easily. Some people can grow a thick skin while others can’t, or there are the millennials like me that doesn’t get offended very easily unless there is one subject that does. But you never know with this generation. This also applies to the previous generations as well. 

Either way no one wins here. Every generation is/was the same at some point. We have all come off as narcissistic and have heard our elders complaints about us, but each and every year we are improving our society one step at a time through technology and media. 


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